• H G Lambert      a soldier with the Chindits

    1903 - 1944

    Major General Orde Wingate DSO, the leader of both Chindit Expeditions, was killed in the early stages of "Operation Thursday" when the aeroplane he was travelling in crashed into the hills near Bishenpur, Burma on 24th March 1944.
    Alan Blandamer of Rockville, MD USA, lives just across the Potomac River from Arlington Cemetery, where Wingate and the others killed in the plane clash are buried. Alan, whose uncle was a Chindit, has kindly provided some photographs of the Wingate burial site.
    The first photo is the communal gravesite with Wingate's remains along with the others who died in the plane crash.

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    © Alan Blandamer

    The view from the gravesite towards the Potomac River. In winter, when the trees are bare you can see the Jefferson Memorial and the top of the US Capitol


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    © Alan Blandamer

    © Alan Blandamer

    The headstone is in Site 12, Gravesite 288.

    The lettering is as follows:

    George Henry Brown, Capt. MC British Army
    Stewart Emeny, Civilian British
    James Walton Hickey, T. Sgt Air Corps
    Brian Hodges, S. Sgt Air Corps
    Vernon Floyd McIninch, S. Sgt Air Corps
    Frank Sadoski, T. Sgt Air Corps
    Steven A. Wandera, 2nd. Lt. Air Corps
    Stanley Wills, Civilian British
    Orde Charles Wingate, Maj Gen DSO British Army
    Died in airplane crash
    World War II March 24, 1944

    Alan writes "the little bumps on the top are small stones and colored pebbles. I thought of sweeping them off but figured they must be of significance to someone"

    Alan is trying to find service details of his uncle,  Kenneth Blandamer, currently residing in East Knighton, nr. Dorchester, Dorset, U.K. Kenneth Blandamer served with the Chindits.

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